ASDA 2012 Masks Stock!

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ASDA 2012 Masks Stock!

Postby Ghostface » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:35 pm

Hello, as its October 1st already i have been out and about getting some much needed fresh air and been scouring the ASDA's to see what types are available this time round!

In 2010 we saw Zombie Masks.. Also both Bleeding types.. and i think Kids masks.. in fact yes, because i still have mine.

In 2011 we saw Creamy Asda Glow Types, Both Bleeding and Kids masks..

2012... Hmmmm .. Not much about.. Both Bleeding types, New card tags on them.

NO Kids versions anywhere.. No Zombo's... and only ASDA Glow Types.. Which sold bloody quick in one store..

I went to my closest store around mid morning and saw the Halloween section 3/4 made up.. GF masks were there but only Bleeding ones... Went back at night and the peg for the normal ASDA glow's had a notice on, 'Scream Glow Mask' temporarily SOLD OUT!

So, basically they are going fast in some areas, bear in mind that the place was RAMMED full of students.. but overall only Bleeding Masks and Glow types this year for UK Asda's!

So earlier i went off to another store 6-7 miles away and they had them.. Glow types, but no Bleeding ones.. Funny how some stores only have one type or the other...

even so.. thats the info on Ghostface stuff in ASDA's this year..

A couple of masks i picked up have KNB-ish or Fearsome eyes.. other than that they are the same as last year..

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