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Arnold Scream 4 TV Guest

Postby Ghostface » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:08 pm

About our Tv Guest, Mr Phil Whyman.
Phil was Born on January 13th 1971 in Nottingham,he is a young British musician, artist and television star who first came to prominence on LivingTV's cable ghosthunting show"Scream Team" where he was one of the 'contestants' who travelled throughout the UK investigating strange phenomena while living on a large silver bus; the show has been compared to Big Brother with ghosts.Phil then met Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding and started appearing on LivingTV`s "Most Haunted" He did 30 episodes and 7 live events which were viewed by millions of the british public.

Arnold Scream 4 Last Scene
Date: June 3rd 2007
Location: Breedon on the hill
Weather: Sunny with a slight wind.
It was a nice sunny day at a good scenic location,various people were around taking a walk round "Breedon on the hill" the scene starts off with Phil and Sara being one of the couples having a sunday wander around the churches surrounding area,that of which is next to a massive quarry.
The atmosphere is relaxing and there is little noise from the small amount of people that are there,after having a walk phil and sara decide to take in the view from the church bench.
Meanwhile, lee and greg are on the other side of the church waiting to meet tim who had told them that their recent departed friend "Bacon" had been killed up there by the killer "Ghostface" whilst waiting around they also have a wander around the grounds..

He has just brought out a book called "Phil Whymans Dead Haunted" Which explains alot of things most people dont know about conducting your own investigation and types of mediums and even his own experiences whilst at several locations.He does his own investigations with the public at several locations in the UK,You could go too on an investigation with him and see if you experience anything paranormal..!

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