New year, New web host

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New year, New web host

Postby Ghostface » Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:59 pm

Well here we are, 2015 is here and although there aren't any Mattel pink hover boards or flying cars there is something that's new.., this websites host, sadly the old host decided enough was enough due to lots of hacking problems, and wanted to call it a day, the most recent hack attack did more damage than normal..

So, after many days of downloading and uploading and making new databases and restoring old ones the forum and site now sit comfortably on the new host.

Sites on the new host are...
Also a friends site

Its been a pain in the backside but its done now.

And although this board has been quiet for a while the history is still preserved in the members registered and the posts from before scream 4's arrival are intact...

Let's see what fun world and Ghostface have for us this year!

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