Scream 4 Extras and Review...

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Scream 4 Extras and Review...

Postby Ghostface » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:14 pm


The eagerly awaited Scream 4 in FULL (as in extras and Bonus Content) has been reviewed at quite a few extras there..

Audio Commentary: Director Wes Craven and Stars Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts are featured, supplemented by a guest appearance from Neve Campbell on the phone. The primary trio deliver a fair commentary, discussing a little bit of this, a little bit of that. They speak on the picture's structure, scrapped and re-imagined ideas, shooting locales, and other commentary-standard elements. Neve appears around the 15-minute mark, hangs around for a good 45 minutes or so, and shares a few random thoughts along the way. This isn't the world's most engaging, insightful, or must-listen commentary, but it's a serviceable little track that die-hard fans will want to skim through.
Deleted and Extended Scenes (480p, 26:02): Alternate Opening, Extended Ending, Dewey and Gale at Home, Jill and Trevor at School (Extended), Crime Scene, Discussing the Murders, Dewey's Test, Kate Outside Olivia's House, Woodsboro Remake, Gale on the Trail, Trevor Visits Jill in the Hospital, Sidney and Gale in the Hospital, Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate), Ghost Face Test Shot, Perkins Stands Guard, Kirby with the Boys, Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon, Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate), Trevor and Jill Look for Jill's Phone, and Robbie Outside Kirby's House. Available with optional director commentary.
Gag Reel (480p, 9:18).
The Making of Scream 4 (480p, 10:29): Wes Craven opens by discussing the re-assembly of the usual Scream team, followed by Craven, cast, and crew talking up the movie, its plot advancements, generational cues, the work of the actors, casting the parts, the respect and camaraderie amongst the cast and Craven, and the experience of working together through the years.
Scream 4 Video Game Promotion (1080p): Two screens offering up the chance to buy Scream-themed Xbox Live avatar clothes and the mobile Scream game for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
DVD Copy.
Digital Copy: Available as a digital download, unavailable for download at time of publication.

Check out Blu for some nice Screenshots! ... 68/#Review

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