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SCREAM Tv Series UK Air Date

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:19 pm
by Ghostface
The question keeps coming.... 'When is the Tv Series being shown in the UK? '

So i added the info below to my FAQ page also....

The only date i have seen on a couple of sites is listed as July 1st ! , but that looks to be false now... for reasons below....

On a 'Sky Box' you can check the program schedules 7 days ahead of time, and as of this time (June 25th 2015) there is NO listings in the search functions or for July 1st saying there is a SCREAM TV Series scheduled... There have also been NO Trailers or advertisements of any kind on the UK MTV channel as of now..

With many other channels and programs theres always a difference of sometimes months between countries and air times.. it certainly looks to be like that for the SCREAM TV Series at this time.. So a date is still unknown, many fans have contacted the MTV website and recieved the same as many others... NO REPLY.