Info about the forum on 'Devices'

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Info about the forum on 'Devices'

Postby Ghostface » Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:47 pm

Hello... just for the record, this newer type forum is now made and developed more so for 'Devices' such as Tablets and Smartphones like iPhones, and the like... this forum WILL still show up as intended for PC and Laptop and will more than likely NOT give any bother with regards to the overall theme in use here..

On devices it can be a different story.. the top banner will vanish on devices.. and the news banner above will only partly show.. the creator of this skin handed it to me with a VERY standard look to it, because it was meant for use as it was made, and for me to customise it for this site was my decision... the only trouble with that is that the creator doesnt know all the little tricks and mods to make this a bit more nicer for mobile use yet..

if any updates are needed in future for the theme then they will of course be applied.

For an idea of how much i customised this skin then click the link below.. you will see a BIG difference..

In the Skin Selector on the forum linked.. select 'ProDVGFX' .. that IS this skin underneath.


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