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Catch Up With Michael..

Postby Ghostface » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:27 pm

Same with this topic, info off webpages now and put in here...


Back when Scream 4 was announced we saw headlines featuring a scribe named "Michael T Kennedy" he had a package given to the Weinstein's which contained his Scream 4 materials, this consisted of a 30 page detail treatment and a script, part of the treatment was seen here on but removed, as myself and Michael agreed to only keep it online for a short period.
Anyway, the recent news on Scream 4 see's Kevin Williamson returning with a new trilogy, I heard through a source that he and
Wes were not interested in doing just a fourth film, but Kevin WAS more interested in doing another trilogy.I caught up with Michael to hear his opinions on a new trilogy.
November 2009: A Catch-Up with Michael T Kennedy

Tim: Hello Michael,good to hear from you again, first things first, good to see the Web Series "Hot as Hell" online,
i do like it and look forward to more of it,but onto the new trilogy...
What's your opinion on a new trilogy and If you had the choice and power, would you have had anoher sequel or another trilogy?

Michael: Both would work for me. I set my screenplay up almost as the second half of Scream 3 - like a continuation of the original series as Scream 3 was a letdown to me. But after looking over my materials recently, I would have gone with my ideas in the treatment as it would have kicked a new series of films where as the screenplay would have ended the story completely.

Tim: Would you be doing similar to Kevin with Introducing a new ensemble of characters? possibly to see us through to Scream 6?Or would it differ and be a new bunch each time?

Michael: I would have set it up as a trilogy with each film acting as an act. I definitely would have had our main trio a huge part of the film but it would have been a mix of the old with the new and been an ensemble with a new heroine taking over the reins in the series, or should I say sharing them with Sid.

Tim: As a writer do you think it would be wise to have a Scream 4,5 and 6 with the only "killer revealing" being at the end of 6?

Michael: I am not sure. I initially wrote a draft with the killer being elusive at the end to set up a part 5 but it felt forced. I teeter between both but i think the Scream formula of the killer reveal at the end of each film is the wise choice.

Tim: If i remember right in your Scream 4 it would have been set back in Woodsboro, how relieved were you to find out that Kevin's Scream 4 is back there?

Michael: Very relieved. I fel it is the only natural progression in the series, and I am sure they are going for the feel of the first film.

Tim: With Kevin writing new films does it make you more excited to see Scream 4,5,6? because if your Script or treatment had been green-lighted then you would obviously know alot of what would happen.
So is it good to have more mystery to look forward to on your future viewings of Scream 4-6?

Michael: Of course if my script/treatment had been used i would have been okay knowing the ins and outs but I am also excited to now look at it as any other Scream fan.

Tim: How gutted was you to find out that you wouldn't be involved in Scream 4? as gutted as Casey or Steve?

Michael: Of course I would have been elated but things happen at the rate it is supposed to, I believe, so I am on the right path as far as my career goes.

Tim: What are your hopes for Scream 4? what would you like to see in the film?

Michael: MORE SUSPENSE. Scream 3 was surely lacking it. I would like to see the wit of the dialogue in Scream 2 and of course a kick ass chase scene.

Tim: Would you have had any flashbacks to old characters from the original trilogy in your Scream 4?

Michael: No. I don't like the idea of rehashing what has already been done or said.

Tim: Who would you like to see in the upcoming Scream 4? (apart from Neve,David,and Courteney)

Michael: I would like to see a strong female character but I assume you mean actors. I don't like the idea of thrusting people into roles just for attention. I am good with whomever they cast as long as they do the role justice.

Tim: Do you think Patrick Dempsey would return if asked?

Michael: Hmm I am not sure. Scream 3 set him up to be Sid's new romantic interest. I think it is only natural to see Sid back to a place in her life she was familiar with in the first film. I see her single, established, tough yet vulnerable. I think he would return, though.

Tim: In 2008 there was a headline that Jamie Kennedy would be back as Randy,
Now though Kevin says he may just be "mentioned".
Would you have had him back in some sort of miracle way or is the "mention" satisfactory?

Michael: A mention would suffice if it is appropriate. I hope they don't force anything with him.

Tim: After looking online via forums and comments i see some fans thinking that Sidney could be the new killer, this to me is too
stupid because she's a survivor and genuinely good character, What do you think of her as a killer?

Michael: I think that is not going to happen. Sid is the HEROINE even if it ends in her death. She would never snap in that way.

Tim: On the subject of Sid, I also see fans also thinking that she will be one of the first kills, would you like to see that?

Michael: NOPE. Kevin would not do that, nor would I. If she does die it will be very dramatic and very intricate to the story he is planning to tell.

Tim: Do you think Scream 4 will start like the others? with a "couple" or two people killed?

Michael: I think it will start in that vein but I also think Kevin will up the ante so it isn't so cliched.

Tim: Do you hope to see the mask unchanged in the new trilogy?

Michael: I would like to see our killer's costume in all its glory. I also would like to see a little twist with it, as I had established one in all my materials.

Tim: Would you have Ghostface back with his original Voice changer? or the one from Scream 3?

Michael: ORIGINAL. In my script I use the element from Scream 3 once and now hate that it is in there. It's cheap.

Tim: Do you have any hopes of seeing any characters that survived SCREAM making a cameo or having a role in Scream 4?
eg.Sherrif Burke, Kids from the party at Stu's,Casey's Parents...

Michael: I think Sheriff Burke is natural to be in the film. It makes sense. As does Billy's father, possibly, and of course Sid's dad.

Tim: So,you would you like to see Neal Prescott back in some sort of role.. whether cameo or not..?

Michael: Of course. he is Sid's rock when it comes to her family.

Tim: I think myself that Roger L Jackson is the ONLY voice for Ghostface,do you agree with this??

Michael: Absolutely.

Tim: As a Scream fan do you intend on going to see S4 many times at the movies? or does it depend on how it turns out?

Michael: I saw all three of the first films several times as I like to experience the film with friends of mine who had not yet seen them. Of course if it is a huge letdown once will suffice. haha

Tim: Michael i would like your opinion on the below text which has been seen in very recent headlines...

From Kevin Williamson: "I've [included] manga comics, Asian ghost girl movies, there's some PG-13 horror movies in there, vampire movies, M. Night Shyamalan movies and torture porn movies, even though they've come and gone."

Tim: Do you see all the mentioned as being a good start to Scream 4? I myself like it but am unsure on the PG-13 part.. what do you think?

Michael: I love that he is doing that. I think Kevin is witty and just knows what buttons to push so I think it will fit well with the new film.

Tim: Also in recent news it was mentioned that the "Scary Movie" franchise "May" be being remade after Scream 4 comes out, so they can poke fun at Scream 4, Do you like the idea of this?

Michael: I am sure they will do something. I doubt they will do a remake. In my opinion it will just be another film in the series.

Tim: On the same topic, did you think "Scary Movie" ruined the effect for viewers that had not seen Scream at that time? Eg.Fans that saw Scary Movie first saw Scream as being less Scary when seeing the spoof first..

Michael: I am not sure - I am a huge proponent of "How can one film ruin another" So many people have said that about Zombie's Halloween. I personally did not like the film but in no way does it or did it ruin my enjoyment for Carpenter's film. To me the only thing that can ruin someone's perception of film is that person.

Tim: Back to the new trilogy, what would you like to see in Scream 5 and 6? Would you have any of the original three back yourself? Sid,Dewey,Gale?

Michael: I am not sure what i would like to see. I think that all depends on how the fourth film pans out, you know?

Tim: As much as i love Scream movies i wouldn't want to see the series completely ruined by no end of sequels after no.6,for example the "SAW" films are up to a high number and plan more. Is a second trilogy enough for all us fans do you think?

Michael: I think if an idea is there, a legitimate idea why stop. We all know the film business is a BUSINESS. Their whole point is to turn a profit so if there is money to be had films will be made. I think this also goes along the lines of what I said before. Yes SAW has run draw but that does not take away the effect of the first film. Even if Scream 4 is horrible, which I doubt it will be, it does not take away the genius that is the first two films.

Tim: I agree there,the first two will always be good, Well, Thanks for coming back to us Michael,its has been good to catch up,Have a Happy Thanksgiving,a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Michael: Thanks Tim. Hope all is well.

(A note to all Scream fans reading this,if you read the Original interview with Michael then you will know that he said he would give this site ALL his Scream 4 materials,Michael has still said this is going to happen,But,only when Kevin's Script is Green-Lighted!)

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