History of Arnold Scream

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History of Arnold Scream

Postby Ghostface » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:05 pm


Arnold Scream History : Late 1999
The year was 1999,me and my friends were always out and about hanging around our normal area up in killisick in arnold,film releases at that time in the past and present were to our liking with films like "I know what you did last summer 1+2" and of course "Scream 1+2" and then came "The Faculty" and "Urban Legend" with all these films now watched it was obvious that film-goers were loving the Horror/Thriller genre once again. I myself wasnt expecting a Scream 3 but when it was announced i was over the moon.. interviews came on TV and a release date was given to us for the UK.. April 28th!! This was too long to wait..

The First Clips....
So,whilst out one night in the car with mark and carl we decided to do our own scene with a camera i had bought for £150 from in Arnold.. the costume had been put in the back of the car just in case we wanted to try and do some random scares when we felt like it.. (People in cars would always get a shock when at a red light when glancing over every now and again when i put it on) We was just randomly driving around and was going through Woodborough and the old red phonebox came into view.. we thought this was a good place to start a scene with a kill in the phonebox to start us off.. The clip is opposite.

Early 2000:
Weeks had gone by and i was getting tired of waiting for the end of april to hurry up.
I had been into town and seen a Scream costume in a movie shop and went to have a look at it.
At first i didnt buy it straight away but after a trip to the cashpoint i returned and purchased it for £40..
This then took some of the impatience away of waiting for Scream 3,i had a costume which i could do what i wanted with. When returning home i tried the costume on and was more than happy with my purchase.. i had already got a mask as my first purchase previously weeks before. my brother took the mask and put it on and ventured out to the front garden making sure he was in view of the window... as soon as he passed my Stepdad at the time,he shot out his chair leaving his paper to land on the armchair.. minutes later he had clicked on who it was and calmed down.. LOL

After a few weeks of random messing about with our costume i decided i needed another better and newer video camera,i purchased one for £280 which was alot better and decided it was time to re-create the scenes we had done before with the older camera,the new camera had a title function and we called our filming "Scream 3" as we were impatient with still waiting for April 28th to get here.Image

Our video camera at the time was very similar to that one in "Back to the future" where marty films "Einstein" going through time,so no Night vision and the camera was quite a size too..
With relying on the dimmer street lights we tried a scene with me going to the phonebox to make a call and then killer would pop up and make a first kill.. all went good after a few takes so it was on with the scene straight to another kill,"Carl"
we filmed him coming down a random driveway heading to the bus stop further down,killer popped out and ran across the road for an easy kill (as carl isnt the tallest person) people in cars were passing through most the time and would often slow down to see what was happening. i think they thought that someone was either being beat up or bullied at the time..

The previous scenes were re-shot and at the same time we added Jay,and Kev crampton to them making new scenes of them heading to Woodboroughs pub "The Four Bells"
(In the story at the time) they caught the bus (which never came) to the pub and headed inside,we then go to later in the night seeing the pair exit to go home,jay starts heading off first,kev goes back inside the pub but hears jay scream out,killer has jay and has another kill to add to the list.. kev exits the pub to find him but doesnt see him,scene then ends and starts off in woodborough churchyard,kev lays a random flower next to a gravestone (pretending to be jays) he wanders off and flicks away his cigarette,after passing the bus stop outside the church killer pops up again and kills him off..
After these scenes we did quite alot more filming getting slightly better with shots and chases each time,we filmed all over Arnold including,Arnold park,killisick,cross street,birchfield road,kilbourne road and cheeses street "Merton close"
After this we started seeing our other mate alot more "Cheese" who had heard of our "Filming" and wanted to join in too..
A newer place for a scene at the time was the new estate in killisick which was next to a place known as "Darkies"
A scene was started and Cheese was first killed,hes then found by kev and jay and then cheese took over as killer for a scene where he jumps out on them from behind a skip,myself,jay and kev were battering him with fists and a paper that was rolled up,cheese was then pushed down so they could run off,as he went down he rolled down and nutted the yellow skip he jumped out from behind,it was funny to us but not to him obviously,

Hucknall Footage (Rare)
Whilst a group of us was out one night we decided to head to a different place to do some filming,Hucknall! The costume came out after the drunks had made it home and we did scenes with old and new cast that night! We also filmed at Newstead abbey too,whilst up there we wasnt bothered by anyone,these days its different,if you go up there now,then you either have a very large WAD of money and live at the back of it,or your visiting the abbey for some other official purpose,failing that,your TRESPASSING,i dont recommend to go there anymore,unless you want the Police to visit you!

Todays cast: Michael Brindley,Kevin Colton,Lee Chamberlain.
Todays Cast are different from the older lot in many ways,because i met them from a different scene altogether,in 1999 onwards to 2004 it was always old mates known from early teens doing filming together,nowdays its newer mates doing scenes for whoever makes it out,and sadly theres alot of letting down done due to either not being arsed to come out,tired from work,or getting a new mrs and going slowly under the thumb,where as in the first filming scenes it was always old friends getting out the house and hanging around,except a scream mask was one of those friends too.In the clip are Lee,Mike,and Kev talking about the latest fan film,and myself too.

Bacon Batty!
Old Oxton footage! (Very Rare)
Nights passed away quicker on weekends in Nottingham,they still do now!! Anyway, one night we was near the back of Calverton at Oxton! We had`nt been filming there either before,this place is very simalar to Woodborough with being a small quiet village,plus they had a red phonebox like Woodborough too!
Get the camera on!! A short and very rare scene was done,after that we did another but i cant find the footage as of yet!!

Castle Marina,Nottingham: Cruise Scene.
Castle Marina Scare..
Whilst exploring the car "Cruise scene" down Nottingham years ago we came across a girl who hated the Scream mask with a passion!
The cruise scene had not made me forget my favourite films and mask!
So, she got a good scare!!!

Why do we do this?!
Well, what do you want to hear? We do this because i suppose its mates having fun,unfourtanately sometimes there is less enthusiasm due to wanting to get drunk on a weekend or having some sort of event or concerts to go to,or just plain work issues and crap hours and general facts that some of my older friends now have started families,but this footage or website wouldnt even be here if i didnt like the Scream films as much as i do,and with a Scream 4 announced it has just heightened my interest even more,thats why i want to do another film after "Final Hours" all the excitement of not knowing whats coming next in the new film is there again,even if it turns out bad,it doesnt matter,because it means i can go to the cinema once again in my costume and watch my favourite character in action again.Ghostface! My dream job would be to be in a Scream Film,it wont ever happen i know,but when you like something alot its hard to ignore,these fan films are what i like to do the most because i can play around with my ideas and have a laugh with old mates at the same time,our main bad thing is that we cant act to save our lives.. maybe one day someone may be online chatting and see a clip and get a laugh out of it,i know Scream type films arent meant to be all funniness and laughs but we dont have make up or special effects,what can i say!
The main reason for all this daft fan film lark also is because i like being behind a camera and filming someone in a Scream mask,i dont think the novelty will ever wear off im afraid,but dont worry,that doesnt mean there will be an Arnold Scream 7,8,9 etc in years to come! A sixth is the last!ImageImage

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