Neve Screwing up Scream 4?

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Neve Screwing up Scream 4?

Postby Ghostface » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:28 pm

Other news here,from

Update : We have confirmed that Kennedy’s script is indeed being read. But by no means does that mean he’ll get the gig.
The Weinstein’s might be seeking script submissions for a “Scream 4″.
One insider tells us that he knows of a couple of specs that may be getting a look-in.
One of those is a “Scream 4” spec by a chap named Michael T. Kennedy. TWC insider ‘Cassandra’ tells us that “TWC/Dimension accepted a packet regarding the film about 6 months back from that guy’s agent – they contacted Kevin Williamson as well but his assistant stated he currently had no piece of the franchise and all decisions were made at TWC/Dimension. As of last month they said they were still mulling the materials over.”
Hmmm.. so sounds like the film might be moving ahead quickly? Not so.
Our contact says it’s no more than an idea at this stage.
“[The Weinstein's] might be taking a look at scripts, and talking about a possible Scream 4, but there is nothing in the works more so than there was 8 years ago. Basically the studio, Bob, Harvey, and Kevin [Williamson] all want to do a 4th film but Neve [Campbell] herself is the holdout. They feel there is no franchise without her and that they will wait for her to come around.”
Apparently “Scream 4″ was included in the press release to merely garner buzz. Seems its still a couple of years away. report here ... -scream-4/

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