Scream 4 Hoax Info???

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Scream 4 Hoax Info???

Postby Ghostface » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:36 pm

All of what i post after this sentence is from IMDB boards... there is a person there known as only "Leaker4" that has posted all this online...
The references with names are that person replying to users posts....


I work with The Weinstein Company who are working with Dimension films to make Scream 4 happen. I know there's a few people on the boards who are scared that revamping the series and making a forth movie will ruin the series but believe me when I say the franchise is in good hands. I'm very excited about the project because I'm a big fan of the Scream movies myself and am here to keep you up to date with infomation about the movie. Bash me if you want and call me a liar but I'm only here to keep you die hard fans in the know.

Firstly, every day we make progress with the making of this movie, although it is very slow progress. Writers have been drafting a story and today they completed it. It took them about a week to draft. If it gets the heads up it will be transformed into a script which will be written by Kevin Williamson. I don't know anything about the plot but I probably will soon. Once the script is done we will probably begin filming after christmas-early January. The Scream 4 IMDb page is very correct at the moment about the release date. We are hoping for a Summer 2010 release, depending on other movie's released that time and how confident the production company are with the final outcome.

David and Courtney are coming back for the forth movie along with Neve who has said she's coming back aslong as the price is right. At the moment we're in talks with their people about negotiating there pay. This goes for Wes too. There has been talk about Jamie Kennedy reprising his role as Randy...this is 100% not true. Jamie was asked about playing the Randy character a few years ago when Dimensions were close to doing a forth but however this is no longer the case.

If you have any questions I'll try and answer them if any relevant info comes up. Please only reply if what you're going to say is serious. I'll keep you up to date with more details as they come.



A production meeting was held earlier today and the story got the go ahead and will be made into a script. They talked about casting and drew up a wish list. Neve, David, Courtney and Wes are all back for definate. The production meeting touched upon the soundtrack. It was pretty much a unanomous decision that we would use the origional score from the first three movies. We felt it was only right to. We also spoke a little about sets; new and old. The office I work for are still in the dark about the story but we get the drafts with our brief very, very soon. But I can reveal that one of the sets they're bringing back is the school coridor and school bathroom from the first Scream. There's also talk about a new set; Woodsboro square, which I can only guess is the centre of the town. Don't know too much about that at the moment.

Also, I read a recent article about someone's script being read. The producers read about 4 different scripts but felt that none of them took it too the next level, and instead just took elements from the first three movies to make a movie. They all lacked the surprise element and failed to move the story along but did however bring other elements that the producers liked and forwarded to the writers. But we have our story, and the script if being written very soon.


Just another quick update; The Prescott home featured from the first Scream is also being revamped and will be used in the forth movie, as will Sydney's home from when we last saw her in the 3rd movie. Another new set is Dewey and Gale's home which is apparently a mansion set in the Hollywood hills.


Another small production meeting was held to discuss the opening of the movie. Kevin Williamson is in the process of writing a script and has written two different openings. One is a murder, following the pattern of the previous three movies and the other was a dream sequence featuring Sidney. The offices all came together to vote and it was quite a mixed reaction, but the majority voted for a traditional killing to open the movie. While the dream sequence opening will probably not be filmed, I think they're planning on storyboarding it and featuring it on the DVD.

Also probably the most exciting news for me was that I recieved my brief. This basically informs me of my duties, jobs I or my office need to fulfil, schedule, dates to remember, deadlines, production plans and most importantly, on the front pages was the final draft of the movie that Kevin Williamson is currently turning into a script! Im looking at it right now! It would be easy to just copy and paste the all 11 pages but obviously that would spoil the movie. I'll try and answer any questions you have regarding it though.

The structure of the movie is much like the first three, they've tried not to change too much and stick to what they know the fans like. It's as if the movie didn't come out so many years later, although the movie is set 20 years after Scream 3. What stood out to me is the body count. I think when I counted there was 8 killings, 2 of which are off screen. I don't know about anyone else but I thought the origional movies had alot more murders. So if you only watch the movies for the blood and gore, then you'll probably be dissapointed. This movie most definately focuses more on the mystery than making a typically "scary movie". From reading the draft, It feels this movie will be more like the third movie than any of the others. Gale does a lot of detective work which is sure to be funny, and the thing with the photographs and the clues written on the back continues. There's also the element of Hollywood in the movie, like in the third as Gale has her own talk show and has written further books based on the murders. The movie is also littered with small homages to the first film that the die-hard fans will love!

There's been loads of rumors buzzing around the offices about casting news but I don't want to say anything until I know that it could potentially be true.


Another minor update; My office had a meeting also. I don't think I've mentioned before that the section I work on is marketing, promoting, advertising, dealing with press releases, etc... mainly working with pre and post-production rather than production of the movie itself. We got talking about a sypnosis to release to the public and discussed different marketing tactics within the advertising. We've decided to release not just one sypnosis, but two, marketing the film in two different lights. The first as the next Scream film in the series, carrying on from 3, which it does. Whereas the other markets the movie as a slasher film, focusing on a backstory within the movie, targeting a more teenage audience. We wrote up a couple different versions of the sypnosis and are still drafting for a final one to release later this year. They don't give too much away but it's still very exciting.

I'm also going to tell a bit more about the story as it's too amazing to keep to myself! As mentioned in a post of mine, It's set 20 years after the last movie. Sid has got married (Not to Kincaid can I add), gave birth then got a divorce. She lives in a home with her son Sam, tucked away, much like the house we last saw her living in at the end of Scream 3. She hasn't spoke to Dewey and Gale for years, who are now living in L.A. Dewey has retired and Gale has her own talk show and is as ruthless and determined as ever. I'll tell you more about casting and other characters later. Any questions ?


Jessica Rose has signed on to appear in Scream 4. I am unsure which character she is playing but I am guessing she will play the character of Jess Taylor who is Sidney's son's girlfriend. There are some casting rumors flying around the office I work in but I am not sure if anything is true or false so I am trying to get to the bottom of these for you guys.


I've read the final draft for the movie a couple of times now and the more I read it and discuss it with colleagues, I realise more and more things. They've really played around with the "rules of a horror movie" this time round. They're going back to the basic rules from the first movie, and it's simple. If the characters in the movie play by these rules...they'll survive. Once you see the film it will be more clear and you'll see how it plays out. It's very clever and well thought out. Nothing complicating the storyline though.


Another thing I might add is that the ending does leave it open for a 5th. I can't see how they would go about it or what plot they would have as the final scene of the movie messes up the structure of your typical Scream movie. If they did a 5th I think that there is a big possiblity of using Neve, David and Courtney yet again, but maybe the plot focusing more on Sid's son. It's hard trying to explain to people that don't know the ending, but trust me, it's great! Also, I heard a 5th movie obviously rely's on the success of Scream 4. If they were to do a 5th also, it would be the last in the series. No Scream 6.

Also more casting news. I found out that Jessica Rose will play Jess Taylor, Sidney's son's girlfriend. Lawrence Hecht is reprising his role as Neil Prescott. He only has a small part. Small but quite significant. Also actor William Luke has signed on to play Detective Field. And before you ask, when this infomation is released to the public is unknown to me.


For a couple of days now, there's been a buzz around the office about the studio and producers talking to various actors people about appearing in Scream 4. These actors are Willem Dafoe, Denise Richards and Shia LaBeouf. While things look likely that Willem and Denise will appear in the movie, a few people have been a bit dubious that Denise will overshadow the movie with her personal life, but are confident the role is perfect for her, as am I. Also Shia is apparently a big fan of the franchise but people are worried he is now too mature to play a 17-18 year old teen. Apparently he wants to be apart of the movie but doesn't want step back into such a young role. If cast, Shia will most probably play Sid's son; Sam, and Denise will play the role of Vivian Stone, Sidney's ex-husbands new girlfriend. It's not a very big part. I am unsure at this point which character Willem will play.


A couple of days ago I mentioned that this movie will be marketed to appeal to two different audiences. We've come up with a final sypnosis that is being approved by the producers and the studio. It took a few re-writes but here are two very rough early drafts...

"Twenty years have passed since the Woodsboro murders
appeared to have come to an end. Recently divorced Sidney
Prescott; living in solitude with an eighteen year old son named Sam.
Gale and Dewey Riley, happily married tucked away in the
Hollywood hills with the success of Gales 5 books based on the
events that took place all those years ago. But now menacing
phone-calls and horrific letters have reunited them to complete
the story. With the body count rising and the mystery thickening,
the trio are against the clock to unravel the scream they thought had

"Sam, an 18 year old student with a disturbing family background
is finding school life tough until things get a whole lot scarier.
A stranger with a love for scary movies starts killing those with a link
to his mothers horrific past, playing by the rules of a horror movie.
Never have sex. Never say you'll be right back and never scream."


I asked around a bit today about the casting and I found out that Willem Dafoe will play the character Dale Sanderson. This is Sidney's ex who is now dating Vivian; Denise Richards character. While things aren't set in stone yet, I think things are just being finalized. Shia's people are still in talks. Also I know lots of people have been concerned about the ages of the characters, so I'm trying to get to the bottom of this to find out there exact ages in Scream 4.


I got someone from upstairs to e-mail me some stuff about the characters. I told them it would help us with the sypnosis more even though we've practically finished it. Here's bascially what it's about...

Sidney Prescott - 40-41 : Main Character
Dewey Riley- 46-47 : Retired
Gale Riley-Weathers - 47-48 : Talk show host
Sam Prescott - 17-18 : Sidney's son
Neil Prescott - 63-64 : Sidney's father
Dale Sanderson - 47-48 : Sidney's ex husband; Sam's father
Vivian Stone - 37-38 : Dale's girlfriend
Jess Taylor- 17-18 : Sam's girlfriend
Zack Mevo - 17-18 : Sam's friend
Boore - 47-48 : Detective
Field - 24-25 : Detective
Anita - 49-50 : Gale and Dewey's maid
Bella - 18-19 : Anita's daughter
Mo Scott - 17-18 : : Second victim
Carrie Baker - 21-22 : First victim
Principal Carter - 48-49 : School principal

The less important characters are nearer the bottom of the list.


Today I found out some more about another casting rumour. I wanted to know if there was some truth to it before I posted and apparently there is. Justin Long is in talks to play the character Zack Mevo. I personally can't see anyone else play this character. This goes for Denise Richards character too. It's as if it was written for them.

To lostrockofficefnl, you are 100% correct. The writers will definatly be credited and recieve royalties. If you are one of the script writers you should hear about this within the coming weeks.

The movie is scheduled for a definate 2010 release. It will definatly be released any time between January-July. As said in my origional post, this all depends on other movies being released at the time, and which release date will be more profitable for the movie.

...and to stefanheikel, Kevin Williamson is for sure part of Scream 4. He helped draft a story and will begin writing the script shortly. I did state this in my origional post, maybe I didn't make it clear enough.

you are writing that scream 4 will take place 20 years after Scream 3.
Isn't that a bit unrealistic because the actors are still in their late thirtys? Why should the makers bother in making them look older if they can simply set the movie 10 years after the 3rd one?

Re: Scream 4 Details UPDATED 27/07/08
by leaker4 (Sun Jul 27 2008 12:20:23)
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Sorry, I really should have mentioned about that. It's definately set 20 years after Scream 3. Sidney has been married, had a son and got a divorce since we last saw her. Her son is called Sam and is 17 years old and plays a big part in the movie. I don't think they're going to make them look older with wrinkles or special effects make-up or anything. It will be done well, don't you worry.

Believe me, the killings are brutal. There are two majorly brutal killings in the movie that stand out to me instantly. I didn't want to spoil too much but the opening murder scene is very reminisent of the Drew Barrymore scene. I'd say it was based on it. Like I mentioned earlier in my update, the movie is scattered with things that the die-hard fans will pick up on and refer back to the earlier three movies. The plot and things that come into light at the end of Scream 4, do not change anything the audience already knew and doesnt effect the first three, it simply extends into something new, making the plot thicken. Saying the draft reminds me of Scream 3 was only my opinion, not a choice made by the production team. The only reason I said this was because of the letters, and the Hollywood factor to the movie.

horrorfreak912 : Of course, Sidney is still very much a strong character. The producers had a discussion and said that from a realistic point of view, Someone who has gone through as much as Sidney has, would take the easy way out and just give up. So they thought it was important to set it into the future and give her character a child, something to keep her fighting for. There where talks of a self harming scene that was taken out of the final draft because producers felt it slightly tainted Sid's strong character we saw shine through in the final scenes of Scream 3.

gerge_gemayel_3000 : I'm not too sure when it is the plot and casting details will be released but it should be no later than October-November time?

RedBluePurple : Yes, we have been making alot of progress, but most of it at this moment in time is just discussion and preparation. I post on these boards from my BlackBerry, I don't think I have the guts to post from work! Fair enough if you don't believe me, you don't have to. About the murder scenes. The scenes in the draft were not very detailed, however, the characters who die and how they die were revealed in the final draft that I recieved with my brief. There has been this ongoing joke about how Kevin leaves the suspence to Wes to create on set on the day of filming. This lets Wes be as creative and inventive as he likes. Like I said in an earlier post, there are two brutal killings that spring to mind, but the suspence leading up to the death will only be revealed on the day of filming.

lostrockofficefnl : I replied to your messege the other day. Check your PM's

I'd definately say there was an element of highschool in the movie, and you guessed correctly, this is through Sidney's teenage son; Sam. We get to see him at school with his girlfriend and his friend and see how he copes with his mothers background. There are no parties in the movies though I'm afraid, and as mentioned, there is a hollywood theme as Gale has a talk show, so we get to see her getting terrorised at work by the killer in one scene. It's full of suspence more than gore but there is alot more gore than the third.

And about the casting. As I mentioned in my update, Jessica Rose has been cast, and if the rumors are correct, there are definatly some big names attached to the movie, but nothing is 100% yet. The producers want to make sure that none of the actors are bigger than the movie itself. I'm bursting to reveal some of the names that have been floating about but if they end up not being attached to the movie, I know some people will only call me a liar.

Yes, I have read the final draft, not of the script, of the story that Kevin, other writers and producers came up with.
Now Kevin is turning that into a script, which is not finished. I HAVE NOT READ THE SCRIPT. From now on, to avoid any confusion, I will not call it a draft but a story, yes?
And about announcing who is returning and other casting news, that isn't fully down to me to decide. They may choose to announce it tomorrow, they may decide to announce it the day before it's release in 2010. Obviously they wont do that, but what I'm trying to say is that making an official announcement is down to the studio.

Her father does not die in the opening of the movie. He is not the reason she returns to Woodsboro. Neil lives with Sid and her son.

I've said it more than once that yes Jamie and Bob have discussed Randy returning to the series, but nothing come of it. They had this talk a long time ago, and Randy is not returning. If you think I'm lying then fine, dont come back to this disucssion.

nextgeneration21, that would be telling! I could tell you but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else reading these posts.
Maybe I should put a *spoiler* mark in the title.

todd_gaines; There is that highschool aspect to this movie as Sidney's son is still in school. But there is also the hollywood aspect from Gale. The highschool/hollywood settings don't play too big of a part in the movie. It is based around the mystery of the killer and Sidney returning to Woodsboro to face her demons once again. There isn't much comedy value to this film, but who knows? I didn't read much to any dialogue, so what the characters say is a mystery to me. I'm sure Kevin will inject some fun into the script though. I personally liked the humour in Scream 3. I think Courtney and Parker were great! There aren't any new rules, Not that I can remember of. The rules try not to complicate the movie. The rules from the first movie apply the most in Scream 4. There are some very suspenseful scenes in the movie. Not only in the finale but one killing comes to mind which sounds like it will come across great on screen. I agree about the scene from Scream 2 with Hallie and Sid in the car, that was amazing! Roger Jackson coming back for the forth is highly likely. I never really thought about it and always just assumed he would be apart of production, I'll try and get to the bottom of this for you.

Thanks for your questions guys! I've updated my origional post with some casting news.

I haven't posted the full sypnosis yet so why would you think it's the same as H20? I've only spoke about aspects of the plot.

Although I only skimmed through it, I'm impressed with the plot of the movie. Seems at times quite unrealistic and is badly written but I definately think it has potential. I shall read your scipt a bit later, I'm a bit busy at the minute. Thanks for the links though. Very intresting concept.

I'm actually a she.

There is no movie-within-a-movie going on in Scream 4. There are a few refrences to the Stab series but nothing more. I'm not too sure about any facts on the budget, It sounds like your average Scream movie. Something blows up within the first half hour of the movie so make of that what you will. I'd compare the story to the third movie and the gore to the first. Remember that's just my interpretation when it's on paper. It could be totally different on screen. About the casting. If what I'm hearing is true there are some big stars that could appear in the movie and will indeed be killed off. They will play more important roles in comparison to Drew and Sarah's characters though.

Gale's talk show and house in the hills is really the only aspect of hollywood in the movie. The only way it really plays into the story is the fact it is a setting. And yes, Dewey and Gale also return to Woodsboro. The killer is focussed probably more on Sidney, but also her son and father. I'd say the killer is focused on the Prescotts more than anyone in particular.

The sypnosis wasn't just written by me, it was written collectively and the fact Sidney's name is spelt wrong is just a spelling error made by another member of my office. Obviously this will be corrected. Those plots were simply copied and pasted from my memory stick.

It's getting to a point where people on these messege boards are looking at every detail I post, looking for small, silly, insignificant ways to catch me out as a faker. So you thought the sypnosis wasn't so good. I'll let the person who is paying me to decide that. Anyways, can't we discuss the series and the new movie instead of trying to make this about me?

nextgeneration21, no the script has not finished. I've said this time and time again that I have read a detailed 11 page draft of the movie. Therefore, this is how I know what happens in the end.

I got someone from upstairs to e-mail me some stuff about the characters. I told them it would help us with the sypnosis more even though we've practically finished it. Here's bascially what it's about...

Sidney - 40-41 : Main Character
Dewey - 46-47 : Retired
Gale - 47-48 : Talk show host
Sam - 17-18 : Sidney's son
Neil - 63-64 : Sidney's father
Dale - 47-48 : Sidney's ex husband; Sam's father
Vivian - 37-38 : Dale's girlfriend
Jess - 17-18 : Sam's girlfriend
Zack - 17-18 : Sam's friend
Boore - 47-48 : Detective
Field - 24-25 : Detective
Anita - 49-50 : Gale and Dewey's maid
Bella - 18-19 : Anita's daughter
Mo - 17-18 : : Second victim
Carrie - 21-22 : First victim
Principal Carter - 48-49 : School principal

The less important characters are nearer the bottom of the list.

I have no idea when the deadline for the first draft is. I would imagine they would want a final draft completed by November. A collegue of mine told me today that the budget we've been given to market the film is quite big. There's plans for a big online campaign and the studio want a teaser to present at next years Comic-Con.

-Movie opens with a rather lengthy murder scene. It takes place in the Woodsboro home of the Prescott family. Carrie is the one home alone, talking on the phone to the killer. He talks about how the house is cursed. They quiz her the Stab movies, like they did with Drew in the first Scream with Halloween and Friday the 13th. She runs to her bedroom, closes the door and opens the closet door. The handles lock, like Sidney used to do. The phone lines have been cut, she climbs out the window onto the tree that Billy used to climb through. The killer stabs her in the leg, she tries to climb back through the window. The killer slides down the window cracking her ribs, she falls to the floor, killer stabs her in the face. Scream 4 title card comes up.

-Sidney wakes up from a dream, looks over her son. Cuts to Gale at work in the studio on her talk show. They're discussing the effect violence in movies and video games has on society. Sidney is watching, Zack arrives at house, picks Sam up for school. Carries murder report is on TV, Sidney reconises her Woodsboro home. The killer leaves there mask at the scene of the crime. Sid then reconises the face of the victim Carrie. She rushes to her bin and finds a photo of her with the words 'Save her' on the back, and her Woodsboror address.

-Gale arrives home at her giant home in the hills. Dewey is reading a glossy magazne with an article about Gale and how she's been trying for a baby for years and is considering IVF treatment. Gale and Dewey are very much in love. Gale rings her lawyer to discuss the article, but is told to turn on the news. She see's the report of Carries murder. Anita, Dewey and Gale's maid then hands them a letter she found on there bed. It's a photo of Sid with the words 'Save Her' written on the back, and Sid's new address.

-Sam and his friend Zack are at school. Sam's girlfriend is introduced to the movie; Jess. Dialogue. Talk of an upcoming party. Sam finds a note in his locker that says 'What's Your Favourite Scary Movie?'.

-Dale; Sidney's ex and Vivian; Dale's girlfriend pull up outside Sid's home. Vivian expresses that she dislikes Sidney. Dale leaves Viv in the car, enters Sid's home. They talk about the murder and Dale offers her a place to stay, so she isn't alone. Sid reasures him that she will do fine just by herself. She say's she does not want to worry her son. Sam arrives home from school, he is going to stay with his dad. Sam announces he is going to a party. Sidney doesn't want him going. A few catty words are exchanged between Viv and Sidney.
Sidney then finds the note Sam recieved at school in his back pocket when doing the laundry.

-Dale allows Sam to go to the party with Jess. They arrive. People are drinking, dancing, making out, having fun! They're by the pool. Sam hears from some peers that his mother could have a connection with the recent Woodsboro murder. Sam is confused. Sidney arrives at Dales house with the note. She asks to speak to Sam. Dale tells her he is at the party. Sid is furious and demands he take her to the party. Vivian calls Sid a freak, and Sid lays one of her famous punches into the face of Vivian. Dale calms the pair before driving Sid to the party. It is late and most people have left the party or are crashed out on the floor. The garden is empty and the phone rings. A girl named Mo Scott answers. After a harrowing phone call and a slight chase, Mo ends up getting stabbed before falling into the pool. She is kicked the face, the killer drags her out, stabs her some more before throwing her onto the spike of a giant anchor statue in the garden. Sid and Dale arrive at the party, police and ambulances are everywhere. Sam runs into the arms of Sid. Another ghost mask was left at the scene of the crime.

-Sid makes Sam breakfast in bed and tells him he doesnt need to go to school if he doesnt feel ready. Sam insists that he is okay. He talks about how he thought the note was just a prank.

-Gale turns up on Sidney's doorstep. We find out that they havent contacted eachother for a few years. Gale tries to convince Sidney to help the police with their investigation. Gale reveals she got a note, and Sidney talks of how she was scared to do something about the notes she recieved and didn't want to go back to Woodsboro. Gale informs Sid that Mo's full name was Maureen, and her last being Scott. A play on the name of Sid's mother; Maureen Prescott. Gale tells Sid that her house is safer, and that she can come stay in her guesthouse. Sid declines.

-Sam is at school in the toilet and hears a noise. He is attacked in the bathroom, much like the scene in the first movie when Sid is attacked at school. Sam pulls out a knife but doesnt stab the killer, he runs down the coridor into the arms of his school Principle. The killer is gone. Sam is suspended from school and questioned by police about carrying a knife.

-Gale drives Sidney to Woodsboro police station. They are being watched. They talk to the Detectives responsible for the case; Detective Boore and Detective Field. They hand in the notes and after some dialogue, Gale and Sid head back to the car, but as they're about to enter, Detective Boore stops them and says; "Welcome back to Woodsboro Sid". And with that Gales car blows up, throwing Sid and Gale to the ground.

-Sidney is dropped home in a police car where she finds her son and Dale. Dale explains what has happened with Sam. Sam's bags are packed and he goes to stay with Dale. Later that night Sidney recieves a phone call from the killer. She hears noises outside and grabs her loaded gun from her bed-side table. The killer hangs up and she hears the noise again. She steps outside and finds a note laying on the floor. She shouts out to the killer to come get her, she is in a terrible state. She shoots the note in anger and walks inside her home in anger.

-Gale opens her door and finds Sidney, Sam and Neil. She comforts them and welcomes them in. Sidney doesnt feel safe at home anymore and wants her family with her so has decided to live with Gale and Dewey for the time being. Dewey and Gale catch up and talk about Tatum and why it is happening all over again.

-The next day, Vivian is in the hot tub. She is on the phone reading a script. We learn that she is an actress. Sidney then recieves a phonecall from the killer reminding her of her note. The killer says he is staring at his next victim. He hangs up. Sid rushes to her bag, she takes out the note with the bullet hole. She opens it up to find a photo of Vivian. Sid gets into her car and rushes to try and save Viv. After a chat with the killer, Viv walks around the house in her dressing gown. She comes to a closet and flings it open expecting to killer to be there. The killer then jumps out the closet behind her stabbing her in the stomach. After a struggle, the killer ends up holding her head under the water in the hot tub. She fights back and the killer ends up throwing her off the balcony landing through the windscreen of Sid's car. Sidney was too late.

-Gale does some detective work and finds out that Vivian once dated Roman, years ago, trying to make it into one of his movies. Sid goes into her room in the guesthouse. She walks in on Anita, the maid who is wearing gloves and planting one of the killers notes on the dressing table. She sprints for the door and Dewey catches her. Anita breaks down and cries, telling Dewey she is sorry. She is questioned by Detective Boore and Field and shows them a photo of her daughter bound and gagged. Anita explains that the mystery voice kidnapped her daughter Bella 4 days ago and said that if she didn't carry out his instructions and plant the notes, Bella would be killed. Detectives take Anita home to secure her house.

-In the next scene, Gale takes a pregnancy test. It is positive. Cut to the Detectives working hard on the case at Woodsboro police station. The killer calls, teasing the cops. He gives them a clue to an address. The call has been recorded and the Detectives get a SWAT team down to the address. They come to an abandoned warehouse. They enter where they find the hanging body of Bella, Anita's daughter. She is hanging with her stomach ripped open and organs hanging out.

-In the next scene, Gale is live on air with a studio audience. They're discussing the topic of women having a baby in there later years. They have viewers phone in. One of the callers is the killer who threatens to kill her. The audience look confused. Gale looks around and see's the masked killer lurking at the back of the studio in darkness. She stands up and pulls a gun out of her boot. The audience gasp and leap to the floor. A frantic Gale shoots towards the back of the studio. The kiler has gone. Security pull Gale down from the stage and pull her back to her dressing room. She is in a state. She looks up at her mirror where the messege 'You're Next' is scrawled in red lipstick. She screams throwing a vase towards the mirror, shattering it to pieces.

I'll post more later beacuse im tired and sick of summarising!

Haha! The bits that sound dumb are probably just me trying to summarise! The one I recieved with my brief is much more detailed.

-Sidney has gone to visit Dale at his house. Police are scattered all over the place, cleaning up the last of Viv's death. She parks up outside, walks straight into the house. She enters his bedroom where the man is a wreck. Sid tries to comfort him. He is sitting on his bed topless, hugging his pillow and rocking. You can tell he's been crying for hours. There's an awkward, tense atmousphere. She goes to hug him but he flinches away. He blames Vivians death on Sidney, saying she's poison, and that the further anyone is from her the better. After some cold hearted dialogue, tears well up in Sid's eyes. Dale tells Sid "Everything you touch turns to *beep* Sidney tries to fight back the tears and just leaves.

-Sam is back at school and has two chaperones. He is walking down the coridor with Zack talking. He is holding Jessies hand. They talk about the chaperones and how now he is living at Gales, they will see less of eachother. He goes to his locker and finds a ghostface mask. He grabs the mask and looks around at all the people around him. He turns and faces a group of boys that are whispering, pointing and laughing. Sam walks over and punches him in the face. Before the two chaperones can intervene, he is sitting on top of the bully, constantly punching him in the face. The chaperones pull him off. He finds himself in the principles office once again where he is expended.

-Anita is at her small quiet home by herself. She is on the phone to Detective Boore, she gets another call. It's the killer. She tells Detective Boore and he tells her to keep them talking. After a long call with the killer, she learns that the killer is in the house. She hides behind objects, searching closets and grabs herself a fire poker. She is stabbed in the back as the killer jumps out behind her.

-Sidney arrives back at the guesthouse rather flustered. She comes home to see Neil and Sam talking. Neil explains that he has been expelled. Sidney takes the news rather well and explains that she'd rather him with her, and that she will get him a tutor. He mentions that Sam is worried he will see less of Jess. Sidney talks to Sam, saying that he must be cautious of people, refering to her killer ex boyfriend Billy. She tells him to trust no one and suggests she could be the killer and that everyone is a suspect. This doesnt go down too well with Sam. Meanwhile Gale tells Dewey she is pregnant, then they get the call telling them Anita has been murdered.

-The next day, Dale arrives at Dewey and Gales house to apologise to Sid. They make-up but are interupted when they see Stab advertised on the TV. Gale and Dewey are at the studio's. Gale had just had a meeting with the producers, so she is backstage, and the studio is empty. Dewey and Gale are the last few people leaving. The meeting was about her maternity leave. Gale tells her bodyguard Rick that she has forgot her jacket in the studios, he goes to fetch it. Dewey and Gale exchange some dialogue.

-Back at the guesthouse where Sam is with his tutor. Sam is paying attention but isn't trying. They're discussing a story about someone who puts on a costume, and there personality changes, and how people act differently once they're hidden behind a mask.

-Back at the studios and Dewey and Gale are waiting for Rick. Dewey goes to see what is taking him so long. He walks into a room and finds Ricks body laying on the floor. Dewey calls Gale. They walk around the studio trying to find a weapon or the killer. The killer crashes through the window of a door and grabs Gale by the throat, holding a knife to her head. Dewey beats him off. The killer drops Gale. Gale and Dewey sprint for the door, it's locked. The killer lunges towards them grabbing Dewey and crashing his head into the wall, Dewey falls to the floor and is out cold. Gale runs out onto the set of the show. It's dark and empty. She looks around for an exit. The killer steps out onto the set. Gale has gone. He walks up the raised staircase surrounded by the audience seats. He looks around checking under every seat. He then notices one of the chairs fold up to the right of him. He slowley walks over there and looks under the chair. Nothing. Then Gale jumps up from behind him smacking him round the head with her phone. The killer rolls down the stairs to the set. She phones the police and tells her the killer is here. She looks down to the spot where the killer landed. But he has vanished.

-It is darker at night, and Dale is driving along some country mountain roads. He comes to a car who is parked across the width of the road. He stops and complains shouting something out. He flashes his lights. He looks closer and notices a figure slumped in the front seat. He steps out of his car, leaving his door open and walks over to the car. He asks if they're okay, but as he gets to the car, he notices the figure is just a dummy. Dale is confused. He turns around and heads back to his car but stops in his tracks. He slowley pulls out his phone and dials the police. He is standing by the car with the dummy. He whispers nto the phone that they're is someone in his back seat. They send for help. Dale slowley walks back to his car, he whips open the back seat, but the figure was meerly another dummy. Dale is confused once more, then suddenly, the other car starts and spins towards him, running him into the other car. The car reverses out and Dale falls to the floor. The killer steps out of the car, walks over to Dale and picks him up by the collar and stabs him in the stomach, dragging his knife upwards, along with Dales insides that flow out of his mouth.

-Back at the guesthouse where Sam is with Jess. They're kissing passionately. Sam tells her that he thinks tonight could be the night. Jess reply's; "Don't you watch scary movies? You have die!". Sam say's his willing to risk it. Jess climbs on top of Sam and the pair begin to undress, kissing at the same time.

-Detective Boore and Field turn up to the country road where Dale rang. The cars have gone and there is nothing. No body. No blood. Just the mask of the killer laying in the road.

-Sam is getting changed in the guesthouse, he is talking to Jess who is in another room, but when she stuggles to reply. Sam worried. He hears a noise, She screams. He runs to the bathroom door and bangs trying to get in. He tells her to stand back as he breaks down the door. She has gone. The window is flung open and the curtains blow in the wind. He screams Jessies name and the shower curtain behind him flings open. The killer jumps out and knocks Sam out cold with a golf club.

-Sidney is in the main home of Dewey and Gale. She recieves a phone call from the detectives telling her that Dale is in trouble. She goes to alert Sam in the gueshouse but no one is there. Just a letter sitting on her bed. She panics and slowley opens the letter. It is a photo of her son with the words 'Save Him' scrawled on the back with the address 'Woodsboro'. Dewey and Gale run in to see Sid. They peer over her shoulder and read the note. Suddenly the phone rings. Dewey answers, it's the killer. He asks for Sidney. Dewey loses his cool and begins to shout. Sid takes the phone from Dewey and asks him when and where. The killer instructs her to come to Woodsboro and he'll ring her when she's close. Dewey runs upstairs and loads his gun. The trio get into the car and head to Woodsboro.

-Detective Boore and Field march into the police station. There team hard at work looking at evidence. They recieve a phone call from Gale telling them to come to the house immediately. They have the killer. Boore and Field get a SWAT team together and head for Dewey and Gales house.

-Dewey, Gale and Sid park up in a dark street, nothing but the street lights lighting up there faces.

I'll add more later

I haven´t signed any confidentiality agreements so the way I see it is that I´m free to do whatever I want with the infomation. I post on these boards as a Scream fan with info on the 4th movie, not as someone wanting to ruin the company. No one has gone to the trouble of tracking my IP address. We have however had a meeting about leaking info which is why I haven´t been posting on the boards as frequently

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