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Scream facts and trivia from an old site!

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:20 am
by Ghostface
Heres some facts and trivia and maybe some things you didn't know about SCREAM...

Was originally titled "Scary Movie"

Scream Was originally rated NC - 17. Among the scenes cut back to achieve an R rating were;
-Steve's guts hanging there, instead of actually seeing them fall out and slide over his lap.
-When Casey's gutted body is hanging from the tree and the camera pans toward it, the shot was sped up by 50 percent, because in realtime you can too clearly see what was done to her. To speed it up, every second frame was removed.
-When Tatum's head is crushed in the garage door, a few frames were cut out, after the impact.
-After Kenny's throat is slit, there is a few seconds of footage where he bleeds profusely from his neck wound and looks up into the eyes of the killer.
-Three of the stabbings between Billy and Stu are only heard, not seen, except in the directors cut.
-After Stu has been stabbed by Billy a few times, his arm is dripping blood on the floor beside Neil Prescott. You can hear the sound effect in the theatrical version.

The deleted blood and gore snippets cut out of the theatrical release can be seen on the Director's Cut. Oddly, in the Director's Cut, the scene where Stu says "Cool you guys bring food, alright?" to Tatum and Sid, he makes a quick punching motion after saying that--in the Director's Cut it is missing.

The shot of the killer running after Casey, catching her, and stabbing her in the chest was objected against strongly by the MPAA. To keep the shot in the film without an NC-17 Wes pleaded that it was the only take they did of it, which he admitted after the movie was released was a flat out lie, but he really wanted that shot in the final cut.

Other shots deleted from the final cut of the film were of Sidney smashing a painting over Ghost Face's head and him tumling down the staircase. And Sidney typing her address into the 911 computer message, which read 34 Elm Street. These are not in the Director's Cut though they were filmed.

The script called for a 'masked killer' or 'Ghost mask' but did not say anything about what kind of mask or what covered the rest of the killer's body. It was left up to Wes to decide that. Though the typical story goes that while on a location scouting, Wes found the mask in a house they were considering using. He instantly knew it was the one for Ghost Face--the true story as admitted by Wes on the Scream 2 commentary track is that it was Marianne Maddalena who found it, not him, though he laughed and said that whenever she wasn't around he would tell the story as himself having found it. The black cloak that is worn with it was originally going to be white.

Was filmed all around Santa Rosa california and Sonoma County, Healdsburg.

The first scenes filmed were Drew Barrymore's--it took 5 days.

Roger Jackson (voice of Ghost Face) was outside in the rain calling Drew (Casey Becker) when the killer was calling Casey in the movie. Other times he was upstairs in a bedroom calling Drew Barrymore downstairs.

A police officer stopped by the house where they were filming Drew's scenes because he thought there really was a killer--since the production was using real phone lines, not dubbing dialogue in after filming was complete.

Nobody got to meet Roger Jackson (the phone voice of the killer) until after shooting wrapped, to keep the suspense higher between actors.

Drew Barrymore loves animals, and a few days before filming her scenes, she had read about a cat (other sources--including Wes Craven--say a dog) being intentionally lit on fire. Wes Craven kept reminding Drew of this, saying things like "Drew, I'm lighting the match" to keep her crying and screaming after several takes.

Marco Beltrami (music composer) was found by Wes's assistant, when she was on the internet at Hollywood Cafe, asking about who's a fresh new composer, and several people mentioned Marco. This was his first feature film.

Wes sometimes wore a hat while on the set that reads "I'm the Director That's Why!"

The trivia question "Name the killer in Friday the 13th" which fools Casey was the same one writer Kevin Williamson used to get free drinks in a bar. If you could ask a question and stump the audience, you got free drinks. Everyone guessed "Jason" not remembering that it was his mother killing people in the original Friday the 13th.

The resemblance between Skeet Ulrich and Johnny Depp (whose first role was working with Wes Craven as 'Glenn' in the original Nightmare on Elm Street) is so uncanny that when Billy (Skeet) climbs through Sidney's window, its almost an exact reference to Glenn climbing through Nancy's in NOES.

Sidney's closet door opening to block her bedroom door was scripted, but never once on location scouting did they find a house with a bedroom like that. They had to be build the entire wall with a closet door to fit the script.

The hat on top of Dewey's computer has two big boobs on it, and the words "Boob Patrol".

W. Earl Brown (Kenny the Cameraman) had worked with Wes Craven previously on Nightmare 7 as the morgue attendant, and in Vampire in Brooklyn as the cop with the dog.

Wes craven first worked with Linda Blair (who has a cameo as the obnoxious reporter who asks how it feels to be almost brutally butchered) on a film for NBC back in 1979, called "Stranger in the House" which was recently released on DVD re-titled "Summer of Fear".

Joseph Whipp (Sheriff Burke) worked with Wes Craven previously on A Nightmare on Elm Street playing a cop as well.

The scene where Billy and Sidney meet in the school after he is released from jail, Neve Campbell had an emergency and had to leave the set early--Skeet was left doing his side of the camera shots talking to the first assistant standing in Neve's place (off camera of course), Wes Craven stood there for a while, finally there was a microphone with an "X" for Neve's eyeline placed there for Skeet to talk to.

Principal Himbry's death scene came about through Bob Weinstein, who said there was too large a gap in between deaths. He wanted someone else to die. So Kevin Williamson chose Himbry. The scene actually helped because later when they receive the phone call at the party, that himbry is gutted and hung from the goal post, everyone goes to see. Kevin Williamson up until then did not have a reason why everyone would leave the party all at the same time.

Every time Sheriff Burke takes a drag on his cigarette, Dewey takes a lick of his ice cream cone.

On the set of Scream, Jamie Kennedy remarked to Kevin Williamson that if he really wanted to break a cliche, he'd kill a character in broad daylight. Jamie plays Randy, who is killed in broad daylight in Scream 2.

Kevin Williamson built the beer bong for the party scene, because Wes Craven had no clue what one was.

Despite what many people who have watched the garage scene where Tatum dies think; that it would not be strong enough to lift Tatum up--in actual fact the garage door WAS strong enough to lift the stunt double of Rose McGowan. Also noted is that she would be able to fit through the dog door. She could not, nor could many of the people on the set, cast and crew alike; They tried.

Not only is it ironic that Randy is watching TV (Halloween) and telling the character of Laurie what to do, while at the same time its exactly what he should do. It is further ironic that he isn't saying "Laurie behind you" which is the character IN Halloween, but says instead "Jamie behind you" which is the actress real life name--Jamie Lee Curtis. Randy is also a Jamie for real life; Jamie Kennedy.

The scene where Randy yells at the TV, it was not Dane Farwell in the Ghost Face costume, but Skeet Ulrich (Billy) for that scene.

The van that Gale crashes into the tree was a stunt gone wrong. It was supposed to flip on its side and flip again and again until the bottom. Everyone thought that the stunt woman was as good as dead when it headed for the trees instead. She was unharmed.

Jamie Kennedy put a rock in his own shoe so that he could limp like he meant it, at the scene where Randy and Stu beg Sidney to let them in the house.

The stunt where Billy falls down the stairs was performed by Chris Doyle who played officer Richards in Scream 2.

After Dewey and Gale jump off the road as the speeding cars approach, David Arquette improvs the line "My whole life" when Gale (Courteney) asks if thats what he's looking for. While she was referring to the car to their side, he was looking at her face as he answered. They are of course, now married and have a child.

The scene where Billy hits Stu with the phone was never scripted; the fake blood on the phone made it slippery and Skeet accidentally hit Matthew Lillard.

Matthew adlibbed the line "You hit me with the phone, dick!" and they kept it in.

Also adlibbed was Stu's line "I always had a thing for ya Sid!" ... after Matthew made that up, someone else (maybe Neve) decided to ad "In your dreams."

Matthew Lillard added the line 'Yeah your gonna love this one. It's a Scream baby!" after the name changed from Scary Movie to Scream.

He also ad-libbed the line "Houston we have a problem here!" and "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"

"A janitor is your superior" was an adlibbed line.

David Arquette improv'd the part where he screams with Sidney as she runs out the door of her home after being attacked for the first time.

Jamie Kennedy came up with adding the Jerry Lewis imitation about the liver in the mailbox.

When Gale is kicked into the pole and lands unconscious on Dewey, Wes lost track of how many takes they did; every time Courteney landed on David, they both would bust up laughing.

When Dewey comes out of the house and has a knife in his back, there were many takes done because the prop kept coming loose from his back.

When Sidney, wearing the Ghost Face costume, comes out of the closet and stabs Billy with the umbrella, Skeet Ulrich had padding on his chest because of open heart surgery as a child, he has a stainless steel wire on his chest. The first hit from the umbrella is faked pain and went according to plan. The second hit is very much real agony on his face, as it missed the padding and hit dead on the wire. A stunt woman, not Neve, was wearing the costume at the time.

It was Wes's idea to film a shot of Dewey being thrown into an ambulance, just in case the audience loved him and wants to keep him (knowing a Scream 2 was eventual since it was planned as a trilogy)

While Wes and Kevin recorded commentary for Scream 1, Kevin was already on page 75 of his full script of Scream 2, and they were several weeks into pre-production.

The Janitor, Fred, at Woodsboro High, is played by none other than Wes Craven in the original Nightmare on Elm Street costume worn by Robert Englund.

Wes Craven has another cameo in the movie, wearing the Ghost Face mask at the scene where Casey punches him in the face as he comes through the window after her. Wes said he'll leave that up to the stunt men from now on.

The cheerleader in the bathroom who insults Sidney behind her back was Leonora Scelfo who was at the time of that scene the real life girlfriend of Skeet Ulrich.

When Sid is watching the news, a cameo by Lisa Beach (casting agent) is as the first reporter seen onscreen.

Scream references Halloween with the line "Get in the car, drive down to the Mackenzies." which was lifted from the first Halloween movie. In Halloween H20 (an uncredited Kevin Williamson did re-writes on it) had the line "Drive down to the Beckers; thus referencing Scream in the exact same manner.

Special Effects team KNB used about 50 gallons of blood making Scream.

The name Billy Loomis is a reference to Donald Pleasance's character in Halloween; Sam Loomis, which in itself was a reference to Marion Crane's lover in Psycho, also named Sam Loomis.

Melissa Joan Hart auditioned for the role of Sidney Prescott.

Selma Blair auditioned for the role of Sidney. She later had an uncredited cameo in Scream 2 as the girl talking to Cici on the phone.

Rebecca Gayheart auditioned for the role of Tatum Riley, but scheduling conflicts with her film "Somebody is Waiting" prevented her from landing the role. She later got a role in Scream 2 playing sister Murphy.

Charlotte Ayanna (Training Day, Kate & Leopold) was considered for the role of Tatum Riley. She later starred in Jawbreaker with Rose McGowan (who played Tatum) and Rebecca Gayheart (who also auditioned for the role of Tatum.

Being a favorite of writer Kevin Williamson, Molly Ringwald was offered the role of Sidney Prescott, but turned it down, saying she'd rather not be playing a High School student at the age of 27.

David Arquette was originally auditioning for the role of Billy, but he decided he would rather play Dewey, that it fit him better.

Kevin Patrick Walls who plays Steven Orth was one of the final contenders for the role of Billy, before it went to Skeet Ulrich.

The credit of "No thanks whatsoever to: The Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board" was in reference to the difficulty of finding a location, securing it, and then *after* they found out what was being filmed there, they changed their minds, upsetting production schedules. The scene in the script they most objected to was when Sid, Billy, Randy, Tatum, and Stu are sitting around having lunch by the fountain. They didn't like teenagers talking about bodies being emptied and gutted out. Ironically, One of the peope really complaining saying they this movie was showing the wrong things to teenagers and setting bad examples, was later arrested for beating his wife. Another scene complained about was the "foul-mouthed principle" scene where Himbry swears at the students wearing the Ghost Face masks. The high school itself wanted Scream to film there, the kids signed a petition, the community wanted it filmed there, but 5 people or so on a board decided for everyone.

When asked what their favourite Scary Movie was, cast and crew answered:

Wes Craven- Hitchcock films, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, David Cronenberg films, and Alien
Neve Campbell - The Shining, and the Changeling
Dan Arredondo - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Courteney Cox - Rosemary's Bay
Cathy Konrad - Friday the 13th Part 1
Jamie Kennedy - Salem's Lot
Marianne Maddalena - The Birds, Exorcist
W. Earl Brown - Halloween
Kevin Williamson - Halloween (his favourite movie ever)

On Scream 1's poster, the tagline says "Someone has taken their love of Scary Movies one step too far!" and of course Billy had a love of Scary Movies. In the middle of a serious conversation with Sidney, he mentions that she is like Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs. He talks to her about how their relationship is like "The Exorcist" ... he is not as out there as Randy, but his love of horror is just as strong, but far subtler. On Scream 2's poster it reads "Someone has taken their love of sequels one step to far!" and throughout Scream 2 it was apparent that Mickey loved sequels, being one of the few people in the classroom to strongly defend all sequels, saying they were better than the original even when most of the class disagrees. Scream 3's poster reads "Someone has taken their love of trilogies one step to far!" Well Roman is the director of the 3rd movie in the series, thus a trilogy, he kinda fits the bill as a fan of trilogies.

Scream cost an estimated 14 million dollars to make (many sources list 15, but that is reportedly untrue), a very modest amount for a Studio movie. Scream opened to $6.4 million on 1,413 screens December 20 1996, and went on to make back over 103 million domestically, and almost 60 million internationally. In rentals it made over 39 million as well.

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Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:10 pm
by Devils_Reject
Nice, loads of it I already knew but the stuff I didn't know surprised me a lot.

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:06 am
by Ghostface_Craven
Always good to have a refresher of all the fun info about the film.

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by Ghostface
Bloody plenty of it too..

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by Ghostface_Craven
It would be a lot to take in for a new fan. A wealth of info there.